in 8th grade i thought dubstep was an artist and skrillex was the genre

"Believers Never Die" album cover


please do yourself a favor and date the biggest fckn nerd u can get ur hands on


*loses 1 follower*

dear my irl friends

as soon as i can drive in november expect me to appear at your house at 3am to pick you up (it ok you can stay in your pajamas just put some shoes on and a jumper or somethin so you dont get chilly) to go to the 24hour tesco because i’ve always wanted to see what it’s like at 3 in the morning there and then we can go get mcdonalds after

love kate



i have notifications on for phil and i forgot to put my phone on silent so it beeped when he tweeted this during one of my lessons and i was told to read it out to the class

oh my GOD did you do it? 

i did indeed, and seeming as most people in the class had no idea who amazingphil is i got a fair amount of weird looks

captainfluffybug replied to your post: if u ever wonder if english stereotype…

my teacher old english teacher used to let us have a tea morning every wednesday

it’s so good! especially now it’s getting colder and all of the radiators in our classroom are broken. those are the good kind of teachers